Radon measure

Radon measure

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  • Radon measure — In mathematics (specifically, measure theory), a Radon measure, named after Johann Radon, is a measure on the σ algebra of Borel sets of a Hausdorff topological space X that is locally finite and inner regular. Contents 1 Motivation 2 Definitions …   Wikipedia

  • Measure (mathematics) — Informally, a measure has the property of being monotone in the sense that if A is a subset of B, the measure of A is less than or equal to the measure of B. Furthermore, the measure of the empty set is required to be 0. In mathematical analysis …   Wikipedia

  • Radon space — In mathematics, a Radon space, named after Johann Radon, is a separable metric space ( M , d ) such that every Borel probability measure on M is inner regular. Since a probability measure is globally finite, and hence a locally finite measure,… …   Wikipedia

  • Radon–Nikodym theorem — In mathematics, the Radon–Nikodym theorem is a result in functional analysis that states that, given a measurable space ( X , Sigma;), if a sigma finite measure nu; on ( X , Sigma;) is absolutely continuous with respect to a sigma finite measure… …   Wikipedia

  • Radon — This article is about the chemical element. For other uses, see Radon (disambiguation). astatine ← radon → francium Xe ↑ Rn ↓ Uuo …   Wikipedia

  • Tangent measure — In measure theory, tangent measures are used to study the local behavior of Radon measures, in much the same way as tangent spaces are used to study the local behavior of differentiable manifolds. Tangent measures are a useful tool in geometric… …   Wikipedia

  • Johann Radon — Infobox Scientist name = Johann Radon box width = 26em image width = 225px caption = birth date = 1887 12 16 birth place = Děčín, Bohemia, Austria Hungary death date = death date and age|1956|5|25|1887|12|16 death place = Vienna, Austria… …   Wikipedia

  • Johann Radon — Naissance 16 décembre 1887 Tetschen (Autriche Hongrie) Décès 25 mai 1956 Vienne (Autriche) Domicile …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Gaussian measure — In mathematics, Gaussian measure is a Borel measure on finite dimensional Euclidean space R n , closely related to the normal distribution in statistics. There is also a generalization to infinite dimensional spaces. Gaussian measures are named… …   Wikipedia

  • List of integration and measure theory topics — This is a list of integration and measure theory topics, by Wikipedia page.Intuitive foundations*Length *Area *Volume *Probability *Moving averageRiemann integral*Riemann sum *Riemann Stieltjes integral *Bounded variation *Jordan contentImproper… …   Wikipedia

  • Trivial measure — In mathematics, specifically in measure theory, the trivial measure on any measurable space ( X , Σ) is the measure μ which assigns zero measure to every measurable set: μ ( A ) = 0 for all A in Σ.Properties of the trivial measureLet μ denote the …   Wikipedia

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